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Todd, Bremer & Lawson, Inc.

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Educational Collections Specialists

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Our Services


Todd, Bremer & Lawson, Inc has more than 150 years of combined experience in student loan collection. We have twenty (20) full time collectors, eleven (11) administrative employees and three (3) regional salesmen that work together to make sure that our collection goals are met. The number of accounts each collector handles varies with the ability of the individual. Our computer system allows constant monitoring to ensure that collectors never have more accounts than they can efficiently work.

Our efforts have resulted in the longevity of employment by our collectors. Such longevities are generally unheard of in other collection agencies. Our collectors' dedication to our Firm is a direct reflection of the quality services we offer our clients.

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Todd, Bremer & Lawson utilizes many tools to both obtain original information, as well as to confirm previously obtained information. With the new Federal Trade Commission Red Flag Rules, confirmation and documentation of address changes is a critical part of Todd, Bremer & Lawson’s day-to-day business, as well as being a crucial aspect of collecting our clients accounts.

Todd, Bremer & Lawson has made it a practice to make skiptracing the largest single line item of expenditure in our budget annually. Todd, Bremer & Lawson’s references will attest to the fact that locating student consumers is a strong-suit for Todd, Bremer & Lawson.

Credit Reporting

Todd, Bremer & Lawson, Inc. offers credit bureau reporting service at no charge to all its clients. We report to two major credit reporting agencies, Equifax and TransUnion. Once information is sent to a credit reporting agency, it can only be removed from a credit file in three instances:

-If the data was originally reported in error;
- A credit grantor's records no longer are available to verify the information when disputed by the consumer; or
- The information antedates the report by more than seven (7) years.

If you are a Todd, Bremer & Lawson client and want to use credit reporting agency service at NO CHARGE please click here.



Todd, Bremer & Lawson, Inc. offers FACS Web access at NO CHARGE to all its clients. This web based system allows users to view real-time account information and/or enter information that can be immediately updated in the FACS® system’s database. Changes are tracked through appropriate audit trails and can be reflected in account notes.

If you are a Todd, Bremer & Lawson client and would like to use our FACS Web product please click here.

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