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Todd, Bremer & Lawson, Inc.

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Corporate History:

Todd, Bremer & Lawson has offered its systemized management concept for collections since July 5, 1974. On that date J. Harold “Hal” Todd and Larry T. Gregory formed a partnership named Todd, Gregory & Associates. Both men had experience at a national third-party collection agency.

Winthrop University, located just down the street from their offices on 339 East Main Street, became our first educational client in that same year. The company incorporated the business on December 23, 1974 as Todd, Gregory & Associates, Inc. Mr. Todd and Mr. Gregory were both equal partners in the newly formed corporation.

A little over a year later, Norman E. Bremer and Charles D. Lawson purchased the stock owned by Larry T. Gregory. This transaction took place on January 10, 1976. They renamed the Firm Todd, Bremer & Lawson and they moved offices to 131 Caldwell Street. Mr. Todd was elected president and remains as the majority stockholder to this day.

Charles D. Lawson stayed on as a stockholder, officer and employee until January 11, 1980. He left the corporation following the sale of his stock to Norman E. Bremer. The corporate headquarters moved to 142 Oakland Avenue in the Fall of 1982 and under the capable marketing efforts of Norman E. Bremer the company experienced rapid growth for the next nine years until his death on May 26, 1989.

Now, many years later, much has changed about the business, its owners and the collection industry overall. Our Firm has never changed zip codes and is still near the main campus of Winthrop University. The other constant has been of that of the capable leadership of its only President and CEO. Today Hal Todd enjoys the distinction of running the oldest privately held collection firm dedicated exclusively to the collection of past due receivables for campus-based programs.

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